HIPAA Compliance

Our HIPAA Compliance Assessment services help healthcare organizations ensure compliance with industry regulations and protect sensitive patient data.

Assess your HIPAA policies and procedures

HIPAA compliance is a critical component of healthcare operations and requires careful attention to policies and procedures to protect sensitive patient data.

As experts in healthcare IT, we can help your organization develop clear and effective strategies to tackle complex regulations.

Our Partnership with Carosh Compliance Solutions

By partnering with us, you gain access to a wealth of expertise through our partners at Carosh Compliance Solutions.

Together, we can help you assess your security compliance and provide you with a HIPAA compliant program that protects your organization from costly fines and penalties.

Ensure that your organization is well-positioned to protect patient data with on-demand evidence of HIPAA compliance and compliance monitoring.

HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance

How it works

Our consultants will work with you review your organization’s compliance status through a comprehensive assessment of your HIPAA policies and procedures.

We will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, alongside recommendations for remediation and risk mitigation.

HIPAA EXPRESS® - Your HIPAA Compliance Workshop

With HIPAA Express, offered by our partners at Carosh Compliance Solutions, your organization can follow a two-day HIPAA compliance workshop designed for achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance:

  • Gain a comprehensive review of your policies, procedures, and technical controls related to HIPAA compliance
  • Identify gaps with a Security Risk and Privacy Risk Assessment
  • Develop a tailored roadmap and remediation plan
  • Receive ongoing support and compliance monitoring

By leveraging our partnership with Carosh Compliance Solutions, you can be confident that your organization is taking the necessary steps to protect patient data and maintain HIPAA compliance.


Put your organization first and get started on building your HIPAA compliant program to reap all the additional benefits of HIPAA Express:

  • A full set of templates for your required Policy & Procedures.
  • Certificate of completion for 8 hours of required HIPAA Training.
  • Receive a one year, 10 seat license to Carosh Compliance Solutions’ state-of-the-art quarterly HIPAA Training.
  • Avoid reputational harm and costly fines for non-compliance.

With us by your side, you can be confident that you are partnering with leading organizations in HIPAA compliance, and that you are maintaining a HIPAA compliant program that protects patient data.

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