Cloud Based Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Due to acquisition and mergers, the client had a variety of VPN Solutions across the enterprise with different levels of security and performance, lending to enterprise vulnerabilities, accessibility issues and overall user dissatisfaction.

Cloud Based Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Project Information

National Healthcare System (>150,000 Employees)
January 1, 2022
Project Management

How this Project works

Hale Consulting Solutions LLC was engaged on this effort to assist to:

Deploy a Cloud Based VPN Solution

We worked with the client to establish the VPN cloud access points for remote users and the BGP gateways for connectivity between the cloud-based VPN and enterprise network.  Additionally, we established and extended the enterprise firewall rules and policies to the cloud-based VPN to provide a consistent security posture across the organization (both local and remote access).

Additionally, because of the nature of cloud-based VPN, we worked with the client to define the routing rules for traffic that was bound for on-premises applications and services, versus cloud based or internet based applications and services.

Consolidate and Migrate Remote Users

Working with the client endpoint services team we identified all active remote users and deployed the cloud-based VPN client to their workstations and laptops. Additionally, we worked with the application owners and vendors to identify SaaS solutions that were using IP filtering as part of their security protocol and had the new VPN solution added to the allowable access points.

Finally, after a suitable period of no reported issues or defects, we disabled and removed the legacy hardware VPN solution.

Case Studies

Project Result & Benefits of Project

  • Over 16,000 remote users migrated to the cloud based VPN solution.
  • Overall increase in VPN performance associated with availability of local access points for more users.
  • Overall reduction in enterprise network utilization associated with direct routing of cloud and Internet traffic from cloud based VPN.
Cloud Based Virtual Private Network (VPN)
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